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++*B Lake Country Sunrise Excitable
(no photo available)
S: ++*B Lake Country Sno Sunrise
D: GCH Floral Hill Farms Creta 5*M
Caesar  saanen buck
GCH ++*B Lake Country Sno Creta Caesar
2 x National Show Premier Sire
7/8 brother to Excitable
Shasha  saanen doe
GCH Lake Country Sno Shasha 7*M
8-01 205 2773 91 3.3% 95 3.4%
2nd, 2nd Udder '92 National Show
full sister to Sunrise - 1st Sr Get '98 Nat'l Show
GCH Snolan x GCH Caesar's Sashah
GCH Lake Country Caesar's Sashah 6*M
1993 National Res. Grand Champion
5-00 269 2960 3.6% 107 2.9% 87
Dam of GCH Style, GCH Saga, GCH Shasha, Sunrise
GCH Sno Creta Caesar x Sno Susanna
Creta  saanen doe
GCH Floral Hill Farms Creta 5*M
2nd Aged Doe to Res National GCH
1985 National Show
6-01 305 2370 4.7% 111
7-04 212 1760 4.7% 83
8-00 300 2700 4.1% 111
S: ++*B Clovertop's Alfansus
SS: ++*B Clovertop's Lot
SD: Clovertop's Amarillis 2*M 2 x's Breed Leader
D:Hill N Holler Kathryn *M
DS:Sivercrest Pretty's Pride
DD: Hill N Holler Kristall (sister to Tirol)
DDS: ++*B Hohah Lee Trooper
DDD: Rol nhills Caprice 2*M Breed Leader
GCH Jesus Lives Divine Lamb 4*M
1st Place ADGA National Show
S: +*B Hill N Holler Tirol (full brother to Kristall)
SS: ++B Honah Lee Trooper
SD: Rol nhils Caprice 2*M
D: Kandemar's Cameo
Lamb is dam to GCH Two Ceders Caprice 5*M
Dam to Isle O'Man!
Rol'nhils Caprice 2*M
2 x Top Ten, Breed Leader
S: Rol'nhils Deuce
SS: ++B Gold Crown Beacon Light
D:Rol'nhils Astor *M
Excitable Daughters
GCH Lake Country Xcitable Carolina 4*M
Lake Country Xcitable Jubilee 7*M

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