Fun With Lake Country


A one day old Saanen kid, discovers a human kid, hmmm...what's this?

On the way back from the 1996 ADGA Nat'l Show, this kid was born in

the trailer. We had stopped to get gas, and I heard some kidding going on.

Come play with me, your just my size.


Mariah (Kim's niece) even got to hold the baby.

She was a little bit scared of the bigger goats though.

Vacation Farmer (Adam, Kim's great-nephew) coming

out of the barn, finishing up chores, says to himself,

"I wonder when we are going to get back to the Lake?"

Baby kittens, seems to always be a new batch on the farm...

Wayne (Kim's brother) saddles up the horse for the kids to take a ride.

Courtney and Mariah (nieces) watch, wondering should I get up on that big horse?

Brian (Kim's nephew) saddled up and ready to ride!f10.jpg (13386 bytes)

Blake (Kim's Nephew) one cool dude, check out them shades...f9.jpg (16234 bytes)

Wayne takes a ride...

Michelle ( the web site designer) even goes for a ride...

Kim shows off a beautiful filly, she has on her farm.

The family enjoys going to Lake Country Farm, and usually visits in the summer.

We have Saanen dairy goats, horses, kittens, and dogs too...

There is plenty of fun on the farm, and at the lakes.

Fishing, waterskiing, boating, swimming, using the sauna,

hot-tubbing, fine food, milking, horsing, and kidding around.

All of the activities keep us busy, we manage to still find time for

family fun on the farm!

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